Nursing Home Negligence

A reality of the aging neglect process is that sometimes the placement of one of our loved ones into nursing facility is required out of necessity. It is also a reality that not all nursing home facilities take good care of our loved ones. The placing of our loved ones in a nursing facility is scary and unpredictable. We have all heard the horror stories. And, unfortunately, they do exist. At the Law Office of Tracy Y. Toledo, we understand the rules and regulations that govern nursing homes and the standard of care that are required to meet. We understand that your loved ones deserve respect and dignity as they age and live out their final years.

If you believe that a nursing home has failed to properly care for you or one of your loved ones, Please contact the Law Office of Tracy Y. Toledo. We can assist you in filing suit against the nursing home facility to ensure the proper care and treatment of your loved ones. Contact Attorney Tracy Toledo online or call now 209-523-5000 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We are here to help you.