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children walking with father The end of a relationship – whether married or not – is a stressful time. When children are involved, conflicts related to child custody and visitation can become heated. Finances that have become intermingled lead to questions of who pays which debts along with who stays in the current residence.

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A Tough Divorce Lawyer Serving Stanislaus County, California

At the Law Office of Tracy Y. Toledo, we understand the issues at stake. Attorney Tracy Toledo has more than 20 years' experience trying cases in Stanislaus County Court and knows the people who handle family law cases.

The hurt and anger common during a breakup often make reaching agreement challenging. We will represent your interests through negotiation and mediation. However, when a former partner or spouse is unreasonable, we will fight on your behalf for a balanced custody arrangement and fair property settlement.

While we frequently handle complicated matters, our team also offers limited scope representation. For example, we can assist you with document review or a single court appearance related to a request to modify child support.

We handle the following types of cases from our Modesto law offices:

  • Establishing paternity when you were unmarried at the time the child was born
  • Resolving property division, spousal support and child custody in divorce proceedings
  • Filing restraining orders when you fear physical harm
  • Advising on relocation and modification issues after you already have an order in place

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