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Domestic Partnership

If you have a registered domestic partnership with the State of California, the dissolution process is same as married couples. However, same sex marriage is not recognized in the State of California. You should be aware that Federal Law does not as long as your domestic partnership has been registered with the State of California, the Dissolution process is the same as it is for married couples. Keep in mind, however, that this is a new area of the law. You will need the advice of an attorney before you reach any agreements.

In addition, you should be aware that Federal Law does not recognize registered domestic partnerships, which means that tax laws do not apply to domestic partners and married couples in the same way.

The Law Office of Tracy Y. Toledo can assist you in dissolving your domestic partnership. Contact Attorney Tracy Y. Toledo online or call now 209-523-5000 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We are here to help you.

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