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Legal Separation

A legal separation does not end your marital status. There are many reasons that people chose legal separation over dissolution of their marriage. Here are some typical reasons we see people for a legal separation:

  • It allows time for the parties to decide whether they actually want to file for divorce. In the meantime, they can continue with their marital status.
  • Your religious beliefs conflict with the idea of divorce.
  • It allows for the continuance of medical benefits and certain other benefits that would terminate if you were no longer married.
  • It would allow you to remain married for 10 or more years which means you might be able to take advantage of certain social security benefits from or for your spouse.

At the Law Office of Tracy Y. Toledo we can assist you making an informed decision as to whether filing for Legal Separation is the best option for you. Contact Attorney Tracy Toledo online or call now 209-523-5000 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We are here to help you.

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